"A Smaller I"

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"A Smaller I"

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A Smaller I: Reflections of a fetal cell

by Richard Dryden and Hans Arkeveld.

drawing by Hans Arkeveld

dawning of consciousness

This is a small book about development before birth, imagined from the point of view of a cell within the baby. Most embryology books are written from the outside looking in - this is from the inside looking out! Your guide is a blood cell, and birth is approaching. For the first time, the members of this developing cellular society are experiencing hardships - spatial constraints and environmental shock-waves. The cell reflects on how the society came to be in this situation, and what options there are for the future.

In Hansí beautiful drawings, the cells are represented as people so that we can empathise with what is going on. The accompanying story is written in non-technical language whilst building on current scientific understanding of development. Embryological processes such as cell division, cell movement, communication between cells, morphogenesis, differentiation, the role of the DNA (referred to as the 'Source' in this story), and even cell death are incorporated in the drawings and text in ways that resonate with our every-day experience. There are surprising parallels between the situation faced by this cellular society and our own situation as we come to terms with living in a world of increasing wants and finite resources.

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A Smaller I: Conception to Birth

by Richard Dryden

Human development from conception to birth is illustrated with a sequence of drawings accompanied by brief descriptions of each stage. The aim is to give a concise overview of the changing appearance of the developing baby and its supporting membranes, including the placenta. This book will be useful for those studying human embryology for the first time and for anyone who is curious about how a baby develops before birth. Previews of the drawings can be seen here.

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